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Fire protection and fire insulation

Fire protection is subject to very strict laws and regulations that must be strictly adhered to.

Therefore, preventive structural fire protection should be included in the planning of a building or conversion. The size of the building, the type of building and its use play an important role in the planning.

In fire protection insulation, the legal requirements and preventive measures must be carried out in accordance with current test certificates and rules of technology. Older or converted buildings and facilities are also subject to regular inspections by the competent authorities.

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For your fire protection we deliver:

  • Fire ceilings/walls
  • independent Promat ducts (smoke extraction, supply and exhaust air ducts)
  • Cladding of ventilation ducts
  • Mortaring of fire dampers
  • Pipe bulkheads according to LAR or test certificate
  • Steel carrier cladding according to test certificate
  • Cable cladding I and E
  • Cable bulkheads
  • Combi bulkheads

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