Core drilling

Core drilling is our core area – fast, easy, efficient and reliable

Core drilling is vibration- and vibration-free drilling through masonry, concrete and other natural stones. Core drilling is usually required by private households in the inhabited area. For such tasks, it is extremely essential to take necessary safety and protective measures to collect dust or drilling mud.

We specialize in the creation of core drilling and a close and partnership-based cooperation with the company Hilti, in the field of diamond core drilling technology, ensures us to work continuously at the latest state of the art for you.

We offer dust- and vibration-free core holes in sizes 20mm – 750mm.

Our core drilling is carried out with a water protection directly on the drill bit, especially in those places where an above-average degree of cleanliness must be used.

In order to avoid the creation of dowel holes, we work by means of vacuum base plates, with which we suck in sweeping drills.

In addition, we offer infinitely variable inclined drilling, with all column-guided diameters up to 45° and overhead holes up to 320mm.

We create core holes for electric floor tanks in the specified standard diameters.

Our workers are specialized in core drilling and guarantee professional freehand dry drilling for private households and in particular core drilling for extractor hoods and chimney connections.

Another advantage of our company is the use of test core holes to determine the material quality.

Deep hole drilling is carried out by means of meter crowns. In addition, we offer the creation of wall and ceiling openings by means of core drilling.

On request, we also carry out concrete sawing and cutting work for wall and ceiling openings (e.g. subsequent staircase cut-outs as well as windows and door openings).

If diamond sawing/concrete cutting work cannot be carried out due to limited space, we also offer heavy, manual chiseling work as a special solution.

Why core drilling is beneficial for you

Core drilling is necessary, for example, when laying piping systems. With the help of our company, drilling can be carried out without great noise, dust pollution or damaging vibrations.

With the help of core drilling, even the hardest materials can be drilled through in the shortest possible time. In addition, core holes can also be used as inclined holes at various angles. If you want to install new piping systems in your home, contact us, because you can rely on our work.